Update in the Avon world :)

Hello! 😉

So the last time I wrote a post was in April which is a while ago now. So what have me and my team been up to in the Avon world?? Well I went on the Avon beauty bus in Southend with another sales leader Ally and area manager Kate a few months ago 🙂

I have been to an Avon division meeting, have been to an Avon Seminar which was located in several places over the UK – I found this really helpful and had a great time too, have done a representative meeting with Ally, and my sales leader Ashi recently was on the Avon beauty bus in Ilford for the day. So its been busy 🙂 Here are a few pictures from the avon meeting:

avon meeting 2 avon meeting 4


avon meeting

avon meeting 3

I recently mincentiveet an incentive with Avon and received this tablet! 🙂

I also found out today that I received a bonus of £200 on top of my commission for the sales leader side of my Avon business! I was VERY HAPPY when i found this out as I have been saving for my new carpet that I would like to get which I was quoted £300 so when I see this I realised that my carpet is now paid for!

Working for Avon is Brilliant! ❤


In my next post I will introduce the amazing new sales leader pay plan that launched in July!


Carly xx







Exciting Avon times! :)


I can not believe we are in April now already, this year is going so fast! As some of you already know, this is my Avon blog where I write about my Avon experiences along the way, and also mention some current incentives/programmes Avon are running here in the UK from time to time. I have to say I am amazed at the views my blog has had, I thought I would maybe have a handful of people look at my blog lol, but here is a picture showing you that people from other countries have also had a look at my blog so a big THANK YOU for taking a couple of minutes to read my blog! 😀


1 viewview 2















So over the last month I have a new sales leader in my team, Ashi. She is a lovely lady who is a mum to 4 children and is doing so well with Avon already! We have done an Avon recruiting stall with her Avon area manager Maria, been doing training meetings and phone calls, and Ashi’s personal sales are amazing with her current campaign sales being over £600! Wow! This lady is definitely going to be making President’s club soon! (top sellers). Ashi also now has around 15 representatives in her team already, this lady is already on the go and qualified as a sales leader within 2 campaigns 🙂 Massive WELL DONE!

As well as that I have been working on my own goals I set myself to achieve for July, in time for Avon’s new pay plan! Exciting! I am very pleased as our team group sales have just met the next level that I wanted to achieve based on the new pay plan coming, and now I am working on finding more representatives in my top line at the moment. Things are going well, and hard continuous work does pay off! As you already know I have a full time job in retail and I currently do Avon at weekends, but I can see that by July I will reap some great benefits = a bigger team and more money! After all, that is what we all work for!

In my next post I am going to talk about Avon’s brilliant new pay plan coming July 2014 and all I can say is wow! There really has never been a better time to join Avon!

If you are interested in joining Avon and would like more information, please go to:



Carly xx