Avon and getting other jobs through adding Avon to your CV!

Hi Everyone!

                            It’s been a while since I last wrote my latest blog post. Yesterday I went to see a lady in Collier row who wanted to join Avon and become a representative. I asked her if she is working and she said yes, she is a Legal secretary. When this lady was telling me about her job, and that she was planning to give brochures out to her work colleagues, it  reminded me once again, that there are so many types of people that join Avon. No matter what type of job you are in, every one could do with some extra money. And every woman buys toiletries/make-up. So from joining Avon, not only do you get your own products sent to your own home at discounted prices but you are also making money from selling to friends/family/local area/businesses. 

So far, along the way of meeting people and getting them started up with their Avon business, I have met people who work at schools, carers, people who work within the NHS such as nurses, people who are in the middle of doing degree’s, mum’s who are wanting to earn some money whilst looking after their little one’s, and people who are looking for work. So all different kinds of people!

Another thing that I don’t think alot of people know about Avon, is that by working with Avon it can help you to get other jobs! (until you are hopefully earning enough one day from Avon by being a sales leader and rep that you don’t need to be looking for other jobs! lol) For example, I applied for a job as a recruitment consultant a while ago. I had put on my CV that I’m an Avon sales leader and representative and then listed the main things that my role involves. The employer then called me up and was keen to know more. So it just goes to show!

If you are interested in becoming an Avon representative or a sales leader, you can apply on my website today!


Carly xx