Wow! Where do I start…..

For those of you who don’t know about THE AVON EVENT OF THE YEAR – it is called ‘Live Your Dream’ (LYD). This is an event which all the Avon Sales Leaders and Area Sales Managers go to. It was my first year of going to this event…

We were all going to be staying at the Hilton hotel in Birmingham. Ally, Usha, Grace and I all went together in the car. It was going to take us a couple of hours to get there and we were all really excited as it was all our first year of going to this event, but we had heard loads about it. It sounded amazing…. and it was AMAZING 🙂

Once we arrived, we all had to go to the Kings suite where all the sales leaders would be for tea and coffee. The room was huge, and there was alot of people. Someone had told me, there was 800 sales leaders there, so it was very exciting 🙂 I noticed some people who were on my Avon Facebook page (Carly Avon Chigwell Essex – add me!). We then all went into the palace suite for Lunch. We sat at the table with our upline sales leader, Amanda Garrett. Here is a couple of pictures:



Amanda & Grace


I was sharing my room with Grace and after lunch we put our suitcases in our rooms, and then we had our presentations in the Monarch suite.

The Avon Stage

After all the presentations had finished, everyone went to start getting ready for the evening – the gala dinner. This was the part I was really looking forward to!!