~Celebration evening~

Hello again!

It has been almost a month now since i first started my blog and i have now had 360 views and i have got a few followers too so thank you for all taking time to read my posts! 🙂

I am going to go back to when it was my first time of going to an Avon celebration evening. To go to this certain one, you had to reach a certain goal. I remember getting home from work one day, when I got a phone call from my ASM (Area sales manager). She said to me, was i going to be able to make the celebration evening and that if i could, she could pick me up. I said that i dont think i am able to go as i thought you had to reach a certain target. She said to me that yes i had reached it and i was surprised because i hadn’t even realised lol. The next day after work, i got ready and then kat my ASM came and picked me up and we were on our way to the celebration in hertford.  Here is a picture of where the celebration evening was held.


(Ponsbourne Park Hotel – Hertford)

When we got there, we was abit early so we went to the bar and ordered some drinks 🙂 The hotel was really nice and i was talking to one of the other salesleaders that was there too. It was soon time to go into the first room. When we got in there, there was a bar and a round table in the middle of the room with champagne glasses, and some other alcohol choices. Everyone had a chance to talk to each other and have a chat about things. Then we was called into the next room. We all sat down at the tables and Lorraine gave some recognition prizes out, such as avon products, dongles for computers, wine, chocolates etc. Then we all went to the buffet and had some food and wine. After the recognition, we then went to a room where we had some music and we got to ‘let our hair down’ and celebrate, we socialized and danced. It was a good evening, and it was nice to see that Avon notices the hard work that people put in and you do feel appreciated at these kind of events. I find that refreshing as i don’t think enough workplaces do things like this.

Next time i will tell you all about getting to go to corby – the massive Avon factory!

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