Sparta meeting/Fundraising for Avon breast cancer crusade

It was the evening of the area – sparta meeting where sales leaders and area sales managers would be attending. I would also be meeting the division sales manager Lorraine, for the first time too. My area sales manager at the time, kat, would be picking me up and taking us there. I had already met kat once before. In the car, there was another lady who i met called Hazel who worked part time as well as doing her Avon business. When we got there, i was meeting alot of new faces as it was my first time going to something like this.

It was time to go through to the room and there was a lot of round tables with Avon products and cards on the tables. Lorraine came over, and Amanda introduced me to her. We spoke and i remember thinking that Lorraine seemed really nice and welcoming. Every time I have spoken to her since, she is just lovely. Lorriane is one of them people you can approach and talk to with ease. I was sitting next to Grace too (the lady I have mentioned in previous posts) and we was getting to know each other better talking about our experiences so far.

The meeting started and Lorraine wanted the new sales leaders to stand up and introduce ourselves. I was feeling shy but i got up out of my chair and introduced myself. From that meeting i took away alot and when I leave Avon meetings I always feel a sense of new motivation, determination and team spirit!

In between signing representatives up during the summer, one of the area sales managers had organised a stall to fundraise for Avon breast cancer crusade, one of the charities Avon supports and does a lot of fundraising for. Grace, Amanda, Denise, me and a couple of other sales leaders decided to help and fundraise for this great charity. The stall was in Romford shopping centre. Below is a picture:

From left to right: Grace, me and Amanda

We sold lots of crusade pins and products and raised over £200! We had fun on this day and i would definitely do another one of these stalls, i think it is great to give some of your time and help raise money for a charity like this!

In September i got a new full time job as i still needed a steady income every month. Hopefully one day, i can go part time so that i can focus more on my Avon business but since getting a full time job, i spend some weekends focusing on Avon. Its not as much time as I would like, to go forward in this business but I will do my best with the time I have to make it work!

Next time i will talk about my first Avon celebration that i was invited too 🙂 bye for now.

Carly x



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