Appointing my first Avon rep by myself! eek!

Hey everyone!! I want to wish you all a Happy Easter 🙂 I hope you are all enjoying your nice long weekend!

Starting from where i last left off, I was going to be signing up my sister. I did the appointment with my sister and she then became my first Avon representative! 🙂 I would definately recommend that if you join sales leadership, try and appoint somebody you know for your first appointment as i found this really good practice, and you feel comfortable because you know them.

Then one day, the following week I was going to be appointing a lady by myself for the first time, i was really nervous. From being in my old job, that i wasn’t enjoying, and had not long quit by this time, i think my confidence was not in a good place, as i was feeling low a lot of the time back then as well. So from joining Avon, I gradually built my confidence back up and found ‘me’ again. Also from meeting all different kinds of people and being in different situations, this helped to build my confidence too and for that, I am grateful to Amanda and Avon. Before i joined Avon, i don’t think i would have fully believed that Avon could help you spiritually and mentally in a more positive way.

I looked up online to plan my journey, this lady only lived 5 minutes away from me and so i could walk there (i don’t drive – will talk more about that at a later date) I got to the house, and knocked on the door. I smiled and said hello and introduced myself. The lady smiled back and asked me to come in. This lady’s mum was there too and although i was feeling nervous i didn’t want to show it. I did the appointment and suprisingly felt confident about all the information i was telling her. Her and her mum was talking to me and they seemed very nice, we even spoke about things that wasn’t anything to do with Avon for a couple of minutes. The appointment went really well, and when i got home, i was so pleased and thought to myself i can do this, that went really smoothly. Sometimes i think i don’t give myself enough credit, some of the people close to me have told me that too lol. That lady that I signed up is still with me today and nearly always places an order 🙂

Amanda helped me to get my first 5 representatives, my group sales were above £888 by that point and my personal orders were above £148 which meant i qualifed as a sales leader and i was able to earn my commission off that as i had reached my target!! I got a bonus of £30 as i had signed up my first 5 reps and i got another £50 as i had qualified as a sales leader within 3 campaigns. After that, i had held my status as a sales leader for 3 consecutive campaigns, with the help of Amanda, appointed another representative as well, and so i got another £100 bonus on top of my commission. I was over the moon! 😀

You get your commission as a representative and you get your commission as a sales leader, so there are two different sides to the business.

– As a representative you have your own customers who you give brochures to e.g work colleagues, family, friends, local companies, allocated roads etc.

– As a sales leader, you find people who are interested in becoming an Avon representative, you appoint them and train them and you build your team all the time. You also train downline sales leaders to do the same job as you and then you earn commision off of their team and their downline sales leaders too. You can earn commision up to the 3rd generation.

So that was how I became a qualified sales leader 🙂 I then was invited to my first ever division (our area is called sparta) sales leader meeting. I was feeling excited and nervous to go to this…..


3 thoughts on “Appointing my first Avon rep by myself! eek!

  1. jessielansdel says:

    I always say that if you are passionate and knowledgable about your subject then nerves will disappear as soon as you start talking about it. 🙂 I used to to be terrified before doing presentations at college and uni’ but as soon as I began to speak I was fine.
    Well done on your successes. And a very enjoyable blog. 🙂


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