~Celebration evening~

Hello again!

It has been almost a month now since i first started my blog and i have now had 360 views and i have got a few followers too so thank you for all taking time to read my posts! ūüôā

I am going to go back to when it was my first time of going to an Avon celebration evening. To go to this certain one, you had to reach a certain goal. I remember getting home from work one day, when I got a phone call from my ASM (Area sales manager). She said to me, was i going to be able to make the celebration evening and that if i could, she could pick me up. I said that i dont think i am able to go as i thought you had to reach a certain target. She said to me that yes i had reached it and i was¬†surprised¬†because i hadn’t even realised lol. The next day after work, i got ready and then kat my ASM came and picked me up and we were on our way to the celebration in hertford. ¬†Here is a picture of where the celebration evening was held.


(Ponsbourne Park Hotel – Hertford)

When we got there, we was abit early so we went to the bar and ordered some drinks ūüôā The hotel was really nice and i was talking to one of the other salesleaders that was there too. It was soon time to go into the first room. When we got in there, there was a bar and a round table in the middle of the room with champagne glasses, and some other alcohol choices. Everyone had a chance to talk to each other and have a chat about things. Then we was called into the next room. We all sat down at the tables and Lorraine gave some recognition prizes out, such as avon products, dongles for computers, wine, chocolates etc. Then we all went to the buffet and had some food and wine. After the recognition, we then went to a room where we had some music and we got to ‘let our hair down’ and celebrate, we socialized and danced. It was a good evening, and it was nice to see that Avon notices the hard work that people put in and you do feel appreciated at these kind of events. I find that refreshing as i don’t think enough workplaces do things like this.

Next time i will tell you all about getting to go to corby – the massive Avon factory!

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Sparta meeting/Fundraising for Avon breast cancer crusade

It was the evening of the area – sparta meeting where sales leaders and area sales managers would be attending. I would also be meeting the division sales manager Lorraine, for the first time too. My area sales manager at the time, kat, would be picking me up and taking us there. I had already met kat once before. In the car, there was another lady who i met called Hazel who worked part time as well as doing her Avon business. When we got there, i was meeting alot of new faces as it was my first time going to something like this.

It was time to go through to the room and there was a lot of round tables with Avon products and cards on the tables. Lorraine came over, and Amanda introduced me to her. We spoke and i remember thinking that Lorraine seemed really nice and welcoming. Every time I have spoken to her since, she is just lovely. Lorriane is one of them people you can approach and talk to with ease. I was sitting next to Grace too (the lady I have mentioned in previous posts) and we was getting to know each other better talking about our experiences so far.

The meeting started and Lorraine wanted the new sales leaders to stand up and introduce ourselves. I was feeling shy but i got up out of my chair and introduced myself. From that meeting i took away alot and when I leave Avon meetings I always feel a sense of new motivation, determination and team spirit!

In between signing representatives up during the summer, one of the area sales managers had organised a stall to fundraise for Avon breast cancer crusade, one of the charities Avon supports and does a lot of fundraising for. Grace, Amanda, Denise, me and a couple of other sales leaders decided to help and fundraise for this great charity. The stall was in Romford shopping centre. Below is a picture:

From left to right: Grace, me and Amanda

We sold lots of crusade pins and products and raised over £200! We had fun on this day and i would definitely do another one of these stalls, i think it is great to give some of your time and help raise money for a charity like this!

In September i got a new full time job as i still needed a steady income every month. Hopefully one day, i can go part time so that i can focus more on my Avon business but since getting a full time job, i spend some weekends focusing on Avon. Its not as much time as I would like, to go forward in this business but I will do my best with the time I have to make it work!

Next time i will talk about my first Avon celebration that i was invited too ūüôā bye for now.

Carly x


Appointing my first Avon rep by myself! eek!

Hey everyone!! I want to wish you all a Happy Easter ūüôā I hope you are all enjoying your nice long weekend!

Starting from where i last left off, I was going to be signing up my sister. I did the appointment with my sister and she then became my first Avon representative! ūüôā I would definately recommend that if you join sales leadership, try and appoint somebody you know for your first appointment as i found this really good practice, and you feel comfortable because you know them.

Then one day, the following week I was going to be appointing a lady by myself for the first time, i was really nervous. From being in my old job, that i wasn’t enjoying, and had not long quit by this time, i think my confidence was not in a good place, as i was feeling low a lot of the time back then¬†as well. So from joining Avon,¬†I¬†gradually built my confidence back up and found ‘me’ again. Also from meeting all different kinds of people and being in different situations, this helped to build my confidence too and for that,¬†I¬†am¬†grateful¬†to Amanda and Avon. Before i joined Avon, i don’t think i would have fully believed that Avon could help you¬†spiritually¬†and mentally in a more positive way.

I looked up online to plan my journey, this lady only lived 5 minutes away from me and so i could walk there (i don’t drive – will talk more about that at a later date) I got to the house, and knocked on the door. I smiled and said hello and introduced myself. The lady smiled back and asked me to come in. This lady’s mum was there too and although i was feeling nervous i didn’t want to show it. I did the appointment and suprisingly felt confident about all the information i was telling her. Her and her mum was talking to me and they seemed very nice, we even spoke about things that wasn’t anything to do with Avon for a couple of minutes. The appointment went really well, and when i got home, i was so pleased and thought to myself i can do this, that went really smoothly. Sometimes i think i don’t give myself enough credit, some of the people close to me have told me that too lol. That lady that I signed up is still with me today and nearly always places an order ūüôā

Amanda helped me to get my first 5 representatives, my group sales were above ¬£888 by that point and my personal orders were above ¬£148 which meant i qualifed as a sales leader and i was able to earn my commission off that as i had reached my target!! I got a bonus of ¬£30 as i had signed up my first 5 reps and i got another ¬£50 as i had qualified as a sales leader within 3 campaigns. After that, i had held my status as a sales leader for 3 consecutive campaigns, with the help of Amanda, appointed another representative as well, and so i got another ¬£100 bonus on top of my¬†commission. I was over the moon! ūüėÄ

You get your commission as a representative and you get your commission as a sales leader, so there are two different sides to the business.

РAs a representative you have your own customers who you give brochures to e.g work colleagues, family, friends, local companies, allocated roads etc.

РAs a sales leader, you find people who are interested in becoming an Avon representative, you appoint them and train them and you build your team all the time. You also train downline sales leaders to do the same job as you and then you earn commision off of their team and their downline sales leaders too. You can earn commision up to the 3rd generation.

So that was how¬†I¬†became a qualified sales leader ūüôā I then was invited to my first ever division (our area is called sparta) sales leader meeting. I was feeling excited and nervous to go to this…..

Appointing surrounded by a turkey and some ducks lol….

Hello again! This time last week i was just writing my first blog. I have now had 127 views ¬†so thank you for taking 5 minutes out of your day to read. ūüôā

My second time of going out with Amanda, she told me more about Sales leadership and gave me things that i needed such as all relevant information, all the brochures etc.

We was driving to an appointment and we stopped outside a huge house. By this time I was learning that all different kinds of people join Avon for various reasons. As we pulled up to the front of the house, in the back garden/land ¬†we could see a turkey moving around openly, yes a turkey! I said to Amanda, have we got the right house?! Just then, a lady came out of her house and welcomed us. She said she had just moved in and there wasn’t any furniture yet so could we sit in the garden. When we went outside i noticed a great big built in swimming pool and a¬†separate¬†cabin.

We sat down at one of the tables and Amanda started doing the appointment and asked me to do a few things so that i could get used to doing an appointment. Then the female turkey walked past and then followed by a few ducks! The lady then started telling us about her turkey and pets and how she needs to get fencing because it is too open. Then the male turkey came and was showing off and felt like he was staring at us lol. I could see Amanda was on edge a little and we were both thinking oh no is the turkey going to come straight towards us. Amanda the professional carried on with the appointment. Just then the turkey started slowly moving towards us and stayed put for a little, just looking, joining in with the appointment! Then he changed his mind and walked off thankfully hehe. This lady said that she wanted to do Avon because she didn’t know anyone in the area where she had not long moved in and that her¬†fianc√©¬†was in the army and so she knew a lot of wives and girlfriends from the army. She also worked in a tea room and said she could give some books there. But she also wanted to take on some local area so that she could get to know some people in her area.

After this, we went to a second appointment and i got to see how that is done¬†as well. Amanda then treated me to a very nice lunch, and we was surrounded by people in business suits from different companies¬†etc.¬†This was all very new for me as the career I was in before was nothing like this. In my eyes, Avon sales leadership is very¬†glamorous, confidence building and empowering at the same time. You get to dress smartly, you are your own boss, you can work from home, your selling make-up, fragrances, jewellery – which are all very girly, you get treated to celebrations when you reach certain targets where you get wined and dined, you go out for business lunches, go to different locations, meet new people and hear their stories on a daily basis etc etc. I LOVE everything Avon has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, you have to work very hard to get where you want to be and to be getting the earnings you want but you have to do that in any job and this offers unlimited money and not just a salary you are stuck at. I think by now, from reading this, you can see i have a real PASSION for Avon. And I believe everything happens for a reason, and if I had never been in that car accident, who knows whether I would have been doing sales leadership now…..

Going back to what I was saying, I was really enjoying myself and Amanda was so lovely and really helped you to feel at ease. Amanda then asked me if i knew anyone who would be interested in becoming an Avon rep. I told her my sister was interested and so Amanda said it would be a good idea to sign her up and this would be good practice for me too. Also Amanda gave me my first representative to appoint and so I called her and arranged to go and see her in that week too.