Hello!! part 2 :)

Wow i just want to say, that i have had a positive response from writing my first post on my blog 🙂 i couldn’t believe it. I was feeling a little silly when i actually posted it, but now im glad i did. I got a text message this morning from one of my friend’s who i have known for years, saying that she thought it was really good and interesting and would like to read more, so it was a nice start to my morning today 🙂 And it made me think how saying something little like have a nice day can actually start your day off so nicely 🙂  so decided this morning i am gonna make a little more effort in paying people a compliment every now and then. 

Carrying on from last night, i was talking about where we had parked ready to deliver an Avon order when a car smashed straight into the back of our car and flipped over on the other side of the road. My first reaction was because there was a noise that was so loud, i thought someone had smashed all the glass at the back of the car. None of us saw it coming because it happened from behind. Only seconds later i realised what had happened and saw the other car upside down. The police told us the lady had been speeding about 50mph down a 20mph road. Thank god we had our seatbelts still on as we were parked after all. We was all in shock for the rest of that night. However, I find it crazy how the same day I cleared my locker, I had a car crash which ended up meaning i would have to take time off work to recover but it did give me more time to think about what i was going to do next. Whilst I was off work, I had to take regular physiotherapy sessions as my back was not in a good way at the time after the accident. 

 Going back to Avon, about 2 months later (May 2011), my sister said that she could do with earning a bit of extra money to help pay with bills etc. So i said to her, i have the number of the lady who came to join me up to Avon, i’ll give her a ring.

That lady turned out to be the area sales manager of my area. I told her that my sister was interested in doing Avon aswell and that’s the day i found out about AVON SALES LEADERSHIP. She said, had i thought about becoming a sales leader and i asked her what that was because i had never heard of that before. She told me it was where you build a team of Avon representatives, Sales leaders etc and earn commission from your team’s orders. Knowing what my situation was with my work, i thought what have i got to lose and so i said yes i would like to give it a go please. Soon after, i had a phone call from a lady called Amanda Garrett. We arranged a day we was going to meet and Amanda was coming to pick me up from my house. I didn’t fully understand what I would be doing but I was half excited and half nervous about it all………


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