My first meeting with Amanda Garrett

I have just made a lovely cup of hot chocolate and thought I would update 🙂 Here is my third post x

A day in May 2011, i met Amanda Garrett. Amanda was so lovely, she told me her story of how she worked in a bank and met her husband there, and they started doing Avon more as a hobby first of all, and then it blossomed from there and eventually her and her husband left their bank jobs to do Avon as a full time career. When I heard this, I wasn’t even aware that Avon could offer this kind of opportunity and even now when I tell people about sales leadership, they don’t believe that you could earn full time money with Avon. Now Amanda is a senior executive sales leader which is the top level of sales leadership. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know about the Avon sales leader levels, here is the order:

Trainee sales leader

Sales leader

Advanced sales leader

Executive sales leader

Senior executive sales leader

To get to these levels, you have to work your way there and it is all about what you personally put into your sales leader business.  

Going back to what i was saying, Amanda had an aura which you could just tell was full of positiveness and warmth, and I am genuinely happy to have Amanda as my upline sales leader. 

Amanda went onto tell me all different things about sales leadership and what it involves and that on this day i would be observing and i could take notes. 

The first house we went to was in Brentwood. I was actually nervous just observing in a stranger’s house let alone doing an appointment with them! We went through to the kitchen and dining area and Amanda began her appointment, and I was watching and taking it all in. I also got a quick glance around and I remember this lady had a lovely big kitchen, with all black glossed worktop and cupboards, and her floors where white and shiny. I looked through her patio doors and she had quite a big groomed garden. I was surprised that this lady wanted to do Avon because it didn’t really seem she needed the money from the look of her house, but that was a judgement that I made which was very wrong because whether the house is big or small, immaculate or not, there are sooo many different reasons as to why people join Avon which was something I didn’t realise until then. And the reason this particular lady joined was because she had a representative coming to give her an Avon book but it wasn’t on a regular basis and her mum had done Avon in the past aswell and so she wanted to give it a try. After this, we then went to see another lady in a different area.

This lady was a nurse and she worked full time and she said that with the way things were with the NHS she wanted to go into sales leadership with Avon as she had tried with other companies but it didn’t work out. What I wouldn’t have known then, is that this lady and I would actually go out together doing lots of Avon related things such as going to Avon training and doing stalls in stores and shopping centres etc. I was observing Amanda and taking everything in and thinking to myself, ‘I’m not sure if I am going to be able to find the confidence to do this by myself on a regular basis’, but that negative attitude soon changed…


Hello!! part 2 :)

Wow i just want to say, that i have had a positive response from writing my first post on my blog 🙂 i couldn’t believe it. I was feeling a little silly when i actually posted it, but now im glad i did. I got a text message this morning from one of my friend’s who i have known for years, saying that she thought it was really good and interesting and would like to read more, so it was a nice start to my morning today 🙂 And it made me think how saying something little like have a nice day can actually start your day off so nicely 🙂  so decided this morning i am gonna make a little more effort in paying people a compliment every now and then. 

Carrying on from last night, i was talking about where we had parked ready to deliver an Avon order when a car smashed straight into the back of our car and flipped over on the other side of the road. My first reaction was because there was a noise that was so loud, i thought someone had smashed all the glass at the back of the car. None of us saw it coming because it happened from behind. Only seconds later i realised what had happened and saw the other car upside down. The police told us the lady had been speeding about 50mph down a 20mph road. Thank god we had our seatbelts still on as we were parked after all. We was all in shock for the rest of that night. However, I find it crazy how the same day I cleared my locker, I had a car crash which ended up meaning i would have to take time off work to recover but it did give me more time to think about what i was going to do next. Whilst I was off work, I had to take regular physiotherapy sessions as my back was not in a good way at the time after the accident. 

 Going back to Avon, about 2 months later (May 2011), my sister said that she could do with earning a bit of extra money to help pay with bills etc. So i said to her, i have the number of the lady who came to join me up to Avon, i’ll give her a ring.

That lady turned out to be the area sales manager of my area. I told her that my sister was interested in doing Avon aswell and that’s the day i found out about AVON SALES LEADERSHIP. She said, had i thought about becoming a sales leader and i asked her what that was because i had never heard of that before. She told me it was where you build a team of Avon representatives, Sales leaders etc and earn commission from your team’s orders. Knowing what my situation was with my work, i thought what have i got to lose and so i said yes i would like to give it a go please. Soon after, i had a phone call from a lady called Amanda Garrett. We arranged a day we was going to meet and Amanda was coming to pick me up from my house. I didn’t fully understand what I would be doing but I was half excited and half nervous about it all………

Hello!! :)

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post ever!

My name is Carly. I’m 21. And the main reason why i wanted to start a blog was to write about the weekly going’s on of my Avon business, and it is kind of like a diary in a way for me too to look back at and see what i’m achieving along the way…….

I am actually quite a private person, so for me to write publicly is ‘different’ for me lol. Okay, so i guess the first place for me to start would be going back to March last year (2011)……

I was in a job that i was really not happy with for many reasons but that’s another story altogether lol. I had been humming and haaing for ages as to whether i should stay or whether i should leave. Then after a few things happened coming up to the March, one Friday, i decided that i was going to clear out my locker and decide over the weekend whether i would be going back or not. I knew in my heart what i wanted to do and being unhappy from this job was bringing my spirit down, a few close friends actually had said to me, ‘you have lost that sparkle in your eyes’…..

I had been an Avon representative for a couple of months and was really enjoying it. I had been given some roads nearby to me to gain some more customers and i was really enjoying it and it provided me with some extra money which helped pay for a day or evening out with friends or family. So on the Friday after work, i did the usual hour and a half journey home by bus. When i got home my sister and her boyfriend were there and asked me whether i would like to come and stay at theirs the night. So i said yes, but would it be okay if we stopped at one of my customers house along the way as i had to deliver their Avon products to them. They said that was fine, so we got in the car, went down the road to the customers house and parked. Then, out of no where a car smashed straight into the back of our car, and flipped over onto the other side of the road.

OH just realised the time, its one in the morning and have to get up at half six, will continue soon, night! 

If you have read this so far, please leave a comment as i would like to know if anyone is actually reading this lol………..