First month into 2015!


So we are officially 1 month into 2015! I can’t believe it, it’s gone so quick! :O

My blog has had a bit of a make over, I hope you like the change if you have visited before! 😉

So after sitting down at the end of 2014 and making my plans for this year, I know exactly what I need to do to reach my goals by the end of 2015. People usually make goals at the end of each year, and then a few weeks in, they tend to forget about it! But I think one key thing I am doing this year which I have never done before, is having a monthly review at the end of each month to check I am heading in the right direction. And if not, what do I need to do to get back on track. I think by doing these kind of things, it helps move your business forward! 🙂

This month I have been increasing my first generation of team members and my sales leader is also increasing her team which means that we are getting bigger as a team overall! Slowly but surely 🙂 Most people in Avon have made names for their teams and last month I finally made a name for our team:

Carly’s Avon Starlets. Do you like? hehe 🙂

I also updated my Avon website, take a look! —–>

So next month, I am having a meeting with my lovely sales leader Ashi as we have a few plans to talk about, I will be increasing my customer base by at least 5 new customers and of course doing my Avon appointments with ladies who want to join Avon 🙂 Will update in February!

Carly xx

2014 – coming to the end of another year!

Hello All!

Well, 2014 is coming to an end, another year we all sit back over Christmas and think about what we would like to achieve in the new year etc. Well I have some personal goals as well as work based ones already set in my mind! And I have to say all the small goals I set my self work wise, so far so good, I have managed to reach what I set out to do 🙂 That must be a good sign surely lol.

This year, over Christmas I am going to be the most organised I have ever been Avon wise, and get a ‘special’ book where I can write down all my plans and goals for 2015! Looking back on 2014, with the limited time I have with my other main job that I do, I have more customers then ever, and I am earning more then last year too so overall I am happy! 🙂


Lets make 2015 bigger and better!!! 😀 😀 😀

Carly xx

Update in the Avon world :)

Hello! 😉

So the last time I wrote a post was in April which is a while ago now. So what have me and my team been up to in the Avon world?? Well I went on the Avon beauty bus in Southend with another sales leader Ally and area manager Kate a few months ago 🙂

I have been to an Avon division meeting, have been to an Avon Seminar which was located in several places over the UK – I found this really helpful and had a great time too, have done a representative meeting with Ally, and my sales leader Ashi recently was on the Avon beauty bus in Ilford for the day. So its been busy 🙂 Here are a few pictures from the avon meeting:

avon meeting 2 avon meeting 4


avon meeting

avon meeting 3

I recently mincentiveet an incentive with Avon and received this tablet! 🙂

I also found out today that I received a bonus of £200 on top of my commission for the sales leader side of my Avon business! I was VERY HAPPY when i found this out as I have been saving for my new carpet that I would like to get which I was quoted £300 so when I see this I realised that my carpet is now paid for!

Working for Avon is Brilliant! ❤


In my next post I will introduce the amazing new sales leader pay plan that launched in July!


Carly xx






Exciting Avon times! :)


I can not believe we are in April now already, this year is going so fast! As some of you already know, this is my Avon blog where I write about my Avon experiences along the way, and also mention some current incentives/programmes Avon are running here in the UK from time to time. I have to say I am amazed at the views my blog has had, I thought I would maybe have a handful of people look at my blog lol, but here is a picture showing you that people from other countries have also had a look at my blog so a big THANK YOU for taking a couple of minutes to read my blog! 😀


1 viewview 2















So over the last month I have a new sales leader in my team, Ashi. She is a lovely lady who is a mum to 4 children and is doing so well with Avon already! We have done an Avon recruiting stall with her Avon area manager Maria, been doing training meetings and phone calls, and Ashi’s personal sales are amazing with her current campaign sales being over £600! Wow! This lady is definitely going to be making President’s club soon! (top sellers). Ashi also now has around 15 representatives in her team already, this lady is already on the go and qualified as a sales leader within 2 campaigns 🙂 Massive WELL DONE!

As well as that I have been working on my own goals I set myself to achieve for July, in time for Avon’s new pay plan! Exciting! I am very pleased as our team group sales have just met the next level that I wanted to achieve based on the new pay plan coming, and now I am working on finding more representatives in my top line at the moment. Things are going well, and hard continuous work does pay off! As you already know I have a full time job in retail and I currently do Avon at weekends, but I can see that by July I will reap some great benefits = a bigger team and more money! After all, that is what we all work for!

In my next post I am going to talk about Avon’s brilliant new pay plan coming July 2014 and all I can say is wow! There really has never been a better time to join Avon!

If you are interested in joining Avon and would like more information, please go to:

Carly xx



Avon’s gold rush!

Hey everyone!

So I decided as well as my blog being about my experiences along the way as a sales leader, I was thinking of also updating my posts with some of the latest Avon incentives etc as I know some of my representatives do read my blog, and also for anyone reading this, you can find out about some of the great incentives that Avon do run 🙂 Tell me what you all think? Please leave a comment at the end 🙂

So as lots of us sales leaders already know, Avon are making some big changes at the moment and the most exciting change is Avon’s whole commission structure! The earnings are going to be better than ever before and there are more levels, but I will go into this more soon!

The latest incentive is for all the Avon representatives – Avon’s gold rush! It is a fantastic chance to get some Avon freebies and is another little perk to being an Avon representative 😀

This offer runs from brochures 7 – 10.

You need to place 3 orders at MOV (minimum order value – £80) or above.

Every brochure your order is MOV or above = 1 gold coin

Every brochure your order is HOV (Higher order value – £150) or above = 2 gold coins

And here are the fab FREE PRIZES:

Collect 3 gold coins in total and choose from:

* Glimmerstick eyeliner in blackest blackglimmer

* Nail experts peal shine

* Nailwear pro

Collect 4 gold coins in total and choose from:

*New! gel finish nail enamel in parfait pink

* Glazewear lip gloss

* Ultra colour lipstick

Collect 5 gold coins and choose from:

* Little black dress travel spray

* Nail art design strips

* Ultra colour lip crayon

Collect 6 gold coins and choose from:


* Earthly paradise scarf

* True colour eyeshadow quad

* Supershock max mascara

Collect 7 gold coins and choose from:

* Mega effects mascara black

* Luxe cream couture lipstick

* Clinical eye lift pro

Collect 8 gold coins and choose from:

* Anew clinical pro line corrector with af33

* Luxe seduction mascara and cream couture lip gloss

* Far away gold eau de parfum spray

And that’s not all!

If you collect 6 or more gold coins, you will automatically get entered into the Gold fever prize draw! There are 25 prizes to be won!

10 winners, 10 prizes –

Choose from designer jewellery such as a Michael Kors watch, Tiffany bracelet, links of london bracelet or £200 pre loaded visa card! WOW!

5 winners, 5 prizes – 

Choose from designer jewellery such as a gucci watch or a pair of tiffany earrings, or there is a gold iphone, or £500 pre loaded visa card!

And finally:

5 winners, 5 prizes – 

Choose from designer jewellery – gucci watch, raymond weil watch or £1000 pre loaded visa card!

AMAZING! There are some absolute fantastic prizes to be won! Fingers crossed that we will all get in the GOLD FEVER PRIZE DRAW – all you have to do is collect 6 or more coins from brochures 7 – 10.

This is just one of our incentives for all representatives. If you are interested in joining Avon please email for more information 🙂

Carly xx

Hello! 2014 is going to be a great year!


It has been such a long time since I last posted on my blog! So I am going to update my blog at least monthly from now on! Promise! 🙂

Soo, since I wrote my last post, alot has happened and I am now doing some different things. My nephew was born on April the 28th, exactly 7 days after my mum’s birthday, I opened up a ladies clothing ebay store, I have a full time job in retail and I did take a little break from Avon from the end of November until just now. I did this because I had just started my full time retail job and needed to settle in and was working crazy overtime because of the Christmas period and new year sales. And that is one of the brilliant things with Avon, it is so flexible around your other commitments.

Whilst being able to take a break is fantastic, I am starting to now realise (another learning curve!) that consistency is key! You can’t really afford to start and stop, start and stop…I mean you can if you really have to like with me settling into my new job. However, if you have goals you want to achieve and a certain level you are aiming to reach, you have to keep at it, if you are not consistent you have to realise that your hard work that you have put in for the last 6 months for example, may not get you to where you need to be just yet as you are not continuously building up and instead you have come to a temporary halt. So one tip that I am learning is consistency really is the key to success!

Will post again soon!

Carly xx


Avon and getting other jobs through adding Avon to your CV!

Hi Everyone!

                            It’s been a while since I last wrote my latest blog post. Yesterday I went to see a lady in Collier row who wanted to join Avon and become a representative. I asked her if she is working and she said yes, she is a Legal secretary. When this lady was telling me about her job, and that she was planning to give brochures out to her work colleagues, it  reminded me once again, that there are so many types of people that join Avon. No matter what type of job you are in, every one could do with some extra money. And every woman buys toiletries/make-up. So from joining Avon, not only do you get your own products sent to your own home at discounted prices but you are also making money from selling to friends/family/local area/businesses. 

So far, along the way of meeting people and getting them started up with their Avon business, I have met people who work at schools, carers, people who work within the NHS such as nurses, people who are in the middle of doing degree’s, mum’s who are wanting to earn some money whilst looking after their little one’s, and people who are looking for work. So all different kinds of people!

Another thing that I don’t think alot of people know about Avon, is that by working with Avon it can help you to get other jobs! (until you are hopefully earning enough one day from Avon by being a sales leader and rep that you don’t need to be looking for other jobs! lol) For example, I applied for a job as a recruitment consultant a while ago. I had put on my CV that I’m an Avon sales leader and representative and then listed the main things that my role involves. The employer then called me up and was keen to know more. So it just goes to show!

If you are interested in becoming an Avon representative or a sales leader, you can apply on my website today!

Carly xx